ventilation repair and maintanance

Ventilation has become increasingly important, within modern homes and commercial buildings alike. Our team of London-based electricians specialise in domestic and commercial ventilation systems. This includes their installation, maintenance and repair.

How ventilation works

The natural ventilation process takes place in any context where there is a density difference between indoor and outdoor air, for instance on hot days it often doesn’t help to open doors and windows.

Within living spaces, where we spend majority of our time, natural ventilation and air conditioning systems are not always in accordance with or body’s needs. Although our homes are equipped to mimic our natural body temperature, we often also need a system of ventilation especially during warmer months.

We know that the installation of ventilation must be well informed and tailored to our customers, for comfort and ease of use.

After both primary and secondary research, we have found that most ventilation systems fitted as standard in homes are often not satisfactory, and are left obscured by tenants because of these common reasons:

1.The sensation of electricity.

2.Ventilation and Heating in winter is inefficient.


If the natural process of ventilation is insufficient even in small, closed off places, we can install an efficient ventilation system, in conjunction with a temperature, pressure and humidity control system, thus finding the perfect ventilation solutions for you.

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