Smoke alarm

Smoke Alarm
At Premium Electrical Solutions our London emergency electricians provide quality services at competitive rates, one of these services is smoke alarm fitting.
There are four types of smoke alarms available on the market at the moment: ionization, optical, heat and combined. But no matter which one you choose, at some point they might save your life. The number of smoke alarms to fit in your home depends on your particular circumstances.
They are normally fitted in the hallways and are alongside a heat detector in the kitchen, but a fire can start from anywhere, so the more smoke detectors you have, the more protected your home is.
Our qualified electricians can advise you on the number of smoke alarms you may need in your home and can inform you on how to maintain them for optimal function, year on year.
Most of them come with a battery guaranteed for ten years, so once we have installed them you can be assured of their condition and quality for a long period of time.

If you’re considering installing the new long life smoke alarms:

Make sure to have one in each room in your home, including your basement. Ensure that each smoke alarm is installed at least 3 meters away from cooking appliances to minimize false alarms when cooking. Mount the smoke alarms on ceiling not walls for a better smoke detection radius. Choose smoke alarms that are properly labeled and tested by an approved laboratory.

Costs of a new smoke alarm

The cost when considering smoke alarm installation will be the last thing on your mind. Spending however much is needed to ensure your home safety is natural, however all work comes at a price, and most of the time the fitting of the smoke alarm or the heat detector cost more than the alarm itself. These costs vary house by house, dependent on a number of factors such as: Accessibility of the proposed installation area, ceiling height, whether or not you have a loft – as having one make it easier for the electrician to run the cable. These are some of the questions we may ask before giving you a quote for installing your smoke alarms or heat detectors.
Our guide price is £40 – £70 per smoke alarm installed, but with the amount of factors mentioned above this figure can vary greatly.

It’s vital to maintain your smoke alarms

As any other electrical component of your house, the smoke alarms need to be maintained in order to function properly over the years. They need very little maintenance and a few minutes checking every year will make sure your smoke alarm is in good working condition and could help save the lives of you and your family.
All smoke alarms should be tested at least once a month by pressing the test button. Also, they should be checked if the occupier has been away or if the home has suffered a power failure. When you hear the low level battery signal make sure you change the battery or get an electrician to check it and change it for you. Make sure you clean it periodically in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions as dust could be an impediment for your smoke alarm to work correctly.

How we install smoke alarms in London