Full Rewiring Services

If your house hasn’t been rewired in 25 years or more we would strongly recommend a partial or full rewire. Replacing some or all of your electrical wiring may seem daunting, but preempting an electrical issue is easier, safer and often less expensive than solving problems after they arise. A missing earth or constantly blowing fuses are signals that a full rewire may be necessary.
Our London electricians 24/7 are qualified to carry out an inspection of your house or property, to assess the standard of your current wiring.

If your wiring fails our inspection, we will provide the best electrical solutions for you, and as all of our London electricians are qualified in both assessment and repairs, we can often solve issues immediately upon discovery.

Pros of Full Rewiring

  • Increasing the number of sockets or lights.
  • Increase in property value.
  • Ease of renovation.

Cons of Full Rewiring

  • Noise from drilling when chasing out walls.
  • Loss of power for certain periods of time.
  • Dust and dirt.

Dependent on the size of the building, these issues may persist for relatively long periods of time. Therefore leaving the home or business empty is often the best solution when deciding to rewire a property.

Finding the right contractor, with the know-how to be able to perfectly understand your needs, and the ability to consistently communicate this process with you, is vital in such a large project. At Premium Electrical Solutions our qualified London electricians not only provide you with security and expertise; our portfolio features more than enough satisfied customers to ensure you, that rewiring with Premium Electrical Solutions is also the easiest, and best informed decision for your home or business.

Once you have chosen your trusted contractor, you don’t need to be present while the work is being undertaken. We will keep you up to date of wiring progress, with whichever form of communication is easiest for you, allowing you the flexibility to go on a holiday and come back when the work is completed.

All of our qualified London electricians aim to extend the relationship of trust that our current customers enjoy, to each and every new client. We maintain transparency with our clients, which ensures an environment of trust, giving you the peace of mind is that your home or business is being left in safe hands.

Faulty electrics can be a serious fire hazard. Often, old lighting circuits have been installed and are still in use without having earthing, which can cause serious problems. Making the home a potentially dangerous environment for you and your family. Sometimes it is just the lighting circuit which must be rewired, allowing the rest of the circuits to be salvaged and reused in your new fuse box.

To ensure peace of mind, our London based electricians will always check the health of your lighting circuit and will advise you on whether your installation needs a partial or a full rewire. Imagining yourself standing alone in the dark wondering what is wrong with your lights, is something none of us want to do. Ensure that

How much does a rewire cost and what does it involves?


Our guide price for a full rewire is between £2,000 – £4,000, dependent of the size of the home and number of electrical points the home has.

A full rewire is a large undertaking and should be well informed before undertaking.

A full house rewire also includes:

1.lifting floorboards

2.drilling holes

3.chasing walls

However, the end product we provide is a brand new installation tested and certified by our London based electricians, making it a safe environment for you and your family.

Unless you are a fully qualified, and you are registered with a competent installer scheme, you should never try to rewire a home yourself.

Over the lifetime of a house, a full rewire isn’t a choice, it’s an eventuality, and being informed by one of our electrical tests is the best method of staying ahead of any issue, and preempting a critically, and potentially life-threatening situation. Don’t think twice before giving us a call. Our London electricians will be able to assist you.

Image of the property we have rewired for the customer

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