LED lighting Services

At Premium Electrical Solutions our electricians offer a wide range of LED lighting.

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Some of the benefits of LED Lighting are:
1. Smaller Energy Bills
2. LED Brightness
3. Smaller Environmental Footprint

Led Lights for Commercial and Domestic Use

Smaller Energy Bills

When LED lighting first became available, it was used solely within industrial properties. Energy usage in buildings such as these is considerably higher as the usage needs within them are more intensive.
Most factories and other industrial properties, will use lighting consistently for the majority of the day, and some use lighting both day and night. Over time LED lights have become used for both commercial and domestic properties, allowing you to reduce your light bill by up to 85%, a substantial saving for any household.

At Premium Electrical Solutions, we have installed LED lights in homes and businesses throughout London and surrounding areas, making our experience and expertise when finding the best solutions for either home or business, unmatched. You may be handicapping your potential for profit by not using LED lighting in your business, If you are interested in shrinking your energy bill, then contact us today and find out how we can help you.

LED Brightness

LED light bulbs shine as brightly as conventional bulbs while using considerably less energy, the results of which can save you money. LED lights also contain no mercury, which conventional light bulbs use, LED lights are very environmentally friendly, don’t suddenly burn-out and have almost no UV emissions.
Because they are safe to recycle LED bulbs don’t fill up landfills or leak harmful chemicals into our atmosphere.

Smaller Environmental Footprint

In comparison, a 26 watt LED light offers the same luminosity as a traditional 50 watt spotlight while using over 83% less energy, shrinking any electric bill. In addition, LED lights are bright immediately, unlike traditional bulbs, or even energy saving light bulbs which all need a period to ‘warm up’.
Our London based electricians offer a wide range of LED lighting solutions for domestic use. LED light strips can be fitted to virtually any recessed area in the house, for example: under kitchen cupboards, book cases, or pretty much anywhere you would like to have them fitted. Many homes now have LED light-bulbs installed. Most new builds are fitted with LED lighting as standard.

Kitchen, ourdoor and other LED lighting services in London

Kitchen LED

Kitchen LED lights have become extremely popular, unsurprisingly as it’s often seen as the heart of the home. Area such as the kitchen, in which lights are often on require the most cost-effective option. Lights can also be fitted in an en-suite, shower or bathroom, in a living room, walkway or staircase.

Outdoor LED lighting for a garden or patio also has several benefits. LED lights not only improve the ambience of the outdoor area, we can offer colour changing bulbs that can be controlled via a remote so you can instantly change the appearance and mood of any open air setting. We also offer outdoor LED security lights which vary in power from 10 to 50 watts.

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