Kitchen Rewire

At Premium Electrical Solutions our London electricians who are available 24/7, around the clock, will be able to install any electrical fixtures, ranging from new sockets and cooker circuits to providing you with a new extractor fan, cooker hood. We are committed to finding the right solutions for you, and specialise in kitchen rewire.

Why it is important to rewire the kitchen?

The kitchen is usually the most used room, therefore experiencing the grunt of wear and tear in the home over time. When fitting a new kitchen it is important to have your current electronic wiring checked to find any issues and ensure if they need to be rewired. The modern kitchen is much more than simply a place food is prepared. It is also a communal area where the family can hang out and have fun, besides enjoying a nice cooked meal. For that reason, the kitchen cannot be overlooked and receive the attention is required.

If your kitchen needs to be fully rewired or if you simply need a few extra sockets, the best time to rewire is before it is fitted with units, tiled over or painted. Discovering a possible electrical fault early, may also prevent you having to deal with a larger, potentially more costly repair.
Through rewiring your kitchen, you’re also able to add extra points, thereby tailoring your kitchen own needs, for instance:
1.New spot lights.
2.Hidden power supplies for appliances
3.Under cabinet lighting.

Old wiring isn’t equipped to support many more modern hobs, or new spotlights. Our London electricians are able to advise you on all of your kitchen needs, whether you’re considering rewiring or just an upgrade.
Due to the close proximity of electrical sockets to water, the kitchen is regarded as a special area according to Part P Regulations. Therefore all electrical work within the kitchen must only be done by a qualified electrician.
At Premium Electrical Solutions, you will find a selection of the best team of electricians. He will test the installation when the job is completed and issue an Electrical Installation Certificate.

Electric cooker installation

Each electrical cooker should have its own circuit, and shouldn’t be fed by any other circuits, this makes it both safer, and easier to notice and repair if issues arise.
Depending on your cooker’s power supply, it may need a separate cable running from the fuse board from 6 to 10 mm, along with an isolator switch. This should be placed in the proximity of a cooker and be connected to the separate circuit within your main fuse board.
You must never plug your cooker into an ordinary socket. It must always be hard-wired into a wall plate. Because of this, the installation of a new cooker should only be carried out by a qualified Part P electrician.

Extractor fans and cooker hoods

Nowadays all kitchens require a new extractor fan or a cooker hood.
They both need a live supply of energy, in the form of a switch spur. This is usually located on the worktop surface or somewhere hidden where can’t be seen.
Our electricians will be able to assist you.

How we rewired a kitchen