Fuse Box Replacement

In compliance with the new regulations, the best option is often to  replace the fuse box unit rather than alter the existing installation, this also minimises costs for our clients.
Before any fuse box unit is replaced our electricians will check the original installation to ensure it meets the required standards of compliance with B.S 7671 Regulations.  All of our employees hold City and Guilds qualifications as certified electricians, and we pride ourselves on our honesty, consistency, responsiveness and excellent reputation.

We at Premium Electrical Solutions are an experienced, highly skilled team of electricians who operate across Greater London. We undertake a range of jobs in both residential and commercial settings and are committed to growing our ever-expanding industrial portfolio.


What you should know  before your fuse box replacement:

The fuse board is critical to every home, and is quietly one of its most important items, which is why it must to be replaced by a qualified electrician.

If a fuse board becomes old, it is likely to become overloaded and may start to cause problems to wiring and outlets connected to it, at that point it must be replaced with a completely new one.

Even with an old, poorly wired installation, a new 17 edition dual R.C.D consuming unit will offer better protection and safety measures than your old fuse board.
It is also important to know the location of your fuse board, in case of emergency you may need to turn the power off.

Your fuse board should have three essential components:

1: A circuit breaker
2: R.C.D
3: A main switch

Circuit Breakers – similar to the R.C.D they are automated protection devices that switch off a circuit if they detect a fault on the installation. When they trip you can simply reset them back, but don’t forget to rectify the fault before doing that.
After replacing the existing unit, our electricians run tests to determine the quality of the new installation, and ensure that there are no persistent issues. We provide new installation certificates for each installation, in compliance with the Part P of the Building Regulations.

R.C.D – these are switches that automatically trip when dangerous conditions are detected and instantly disconnect the electricity.

Main switch – In most models this is a red switch that allows the power to be turned off.

Why you should call us.

Replacing a fuse board is an important task, and for safety and reassurance, don’t leave it in the hands of anyone other than a qualified professional. We at Premium Electrical Solutions have the necessary experience, and are waiting to help you find the best solution, for your fuse board and other electrical needs.

Don’t risk yours or your family’s health or safety, contact us, so one of our London qualified electricians can replace the fuse board for you.

how much does replacing a fuse box cost

For replacement with a new 17 edition consumer unit, with testing, warranty and certification we normally charge customer £350 – £550, although price is determined to change dependent on the number of circuits your fuse board has.

Premium Electrical Solutions are here to help.

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