South London electricians

For all kinds of electrical work you’re much better off booking the services of a certified electricians in South London than trying to do it yourself. Working with anything that’s connected to your property’s power supply can be potentially dangerous, and if not completed competently will put your family and property at risk of injury or damage. Current regulations in the UK require a certified electrician to complete the majority of electrical work in accordance with British Standards, and to comply with local¬†Building Regulations. You can be sure you’re on the right track if you book the qualified tradespeople, because you’ll get guaranteed workmanship from a fully insured provider. We offer an extensive range of electrical services for all areas of your property, both inside and out.

Gain Guaranteed Work in London Electricians.

We carry out all electrical services to the highest possible standards, which is an obvious advantage, but you also benefit from:

  • The services of registered, reliable and qualified electricians in London.
  • Guaranteed and fully insured workmanship.
  • Rates that are affordable.
  • Quick response times.
  • We meet current British Standards in all of the work.

What We Can Do For You.

We have a wide knowledge base, which means we can help with a wide spectrum of electrical issues whether it’s in a commercial or residential property including:

Installations and Rewiring Services:

  • Complete or partial rewiring
  • Upgrading consumer units, circuit breakers and fuse boxes
  • Installing electric cookers
  • Designing and installing garden lights
  • Smoke and fire alarm systems installation
  • Repair and installation of house lighting

Fault Finding and Electrical Repair Services:

  • Assess electrical problems that are causing safety fuses to blow.
  • Locating and diagnosing issues with internal wiring, fuse boards and circuits.
  • Ensuring your electrical systems meet the required standards by performing a complete safety check.
  • Repairing incomplete electrical circuits that may be the cause of a loss of power to wall sockets and lights.

Lighting Design, Installation and Repair

  • Kitchen and bathroom lighting.
  • Ceiling and pendant lights.
  • Wall lights, spotlights and down lights.
  • LED and halogen lights.
  • Emergency lighting.
  • Security lighting and passive infra-red sensors.
  • Low voltage lighting.

As you can see we offer an extensive range of electrical solutions, but if you can’t find what you want, simply get in touch and discuss your needs with our customer services advisers in London.

Book Electrical Services in South London Electricians.

It’s not at all complicated to book electrical services, and you have the option of picking up the phone, using our instant chat option, or filling out a contact form. However you decide to communicate, you’ll be pleased to know you can do it any time of the night or day. Our helpful and friendly team can answer your questions, discuss prices as well as arrange your booking.

Our electrical services are available for all residents in London, including residential and commercial customers, landlords, tenants and letting agents.

Our electricians are fully qualified.

List of  electrical services we provide in London :

  • Emergency Electricians.
  • Domestic Electricians.
  • Commercial Electricians.